Thursday, September 9, 2010

Verbal Vomit

THE DIVA can not stop talking. It is all non stop chatter around these parts. Whether she's asking questions, talking back to the tv or bossing Sweet Baby Girl and Boy Wonder around.

She was chattering non stop while we were out in the public the other day. A woman said to me, "I bet you can wait for her to be quiet." I just smiled and shook my head.

Because all you other mamas of non verbal/pre verbal children know when you have a child that talks and talks you know what a gift it is. They can chatter day and night and you'll never tell them to be quiet. I might ask her to lower the volume but never do I tell her to be silent. That sweet little voice is a balm to my heart even when it's shrieking at me to get her more grapes now MOMMMY!!!

So I don't care if she talks all day and night just so long as she does.


  1. YES YES YES ..

    when i hear parents complain that there kid won't shut up, won't stop asking them a million question, won't stop with the 'why's' .. well, i kinda want to throttle em. such a gift to appreciate every moment.