Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cross Country

Because a 14 year age difference doesn't mean a thing. Because genetics are at play in a twisted sense of humor, wonky left hips and evil grins. Because she is an amazing person who gets Boy Wonder, can get the DIVA calm more quickly in a way you only wish you could and who named Sweet Baby Girl because hey I was out of names.  Super Cuzzy moves 3, 000 miles away this week. We will miss her weekend visits that are planned via last minute texts. She's on to her next adventure courtesy of Uncle Sam. She'll be farther away but hey I've got frequent flier miles and I know how to use them.

We love you SuperCuzzy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


At the Walk Now for Autism event, I looked away for a  minute while Boy Wonder sat in the double stroller. When I looked back he was gone. Vanished. No where in sight. My friend informed security while Big Daddy and I started to run through the crowd. I went out to the parking lots. Running, looking and praying. There's no way he could have made it out to the road. Someone would have had to notice, especially here, that he's alone and lost and profoundly autistic.

They found him 10 minutes later hiding behind the bounce house.  I will never look away again. I have followed him from room to room in the house since Sunday. All the doors and the windows are locked. And it will be along time before I trust myself again. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self Service

It appears we have been perhaps holding Boy Wonder back in his independent living skills. He has taken to getting himself his own food.

On Mother's Day, he was tired of waiting for cake. He had the three key ingredients. Inspiration, opportunity and motivation in the form of chocolate cake.

He enjoyed himself immensely till I walked in the kitchen at his aunt's house and snagged him chowing down. I got the big Oh Hi Mommy grin.

Monday morning, I hear an odd sound as I come down the stairs. I go in the kitchen and find that Boy Wonder has poured himself, the counter and the floor some chocolate milk. We cleaned that up together.

Tuesday afternoon, I'm in the kitchen making dinner. Boy Wonder comes strolling in, opens the cabinet and gets himself a plate. I don't stop him as I'm interested in seeing where he's going with this mission. He strolls over to the fridge, gets out some chicken nuggets.  I keep waiting for him to tell me in his whispery voice,"I want chicken please." but he doesn't he just keeps on going. He opens the ziploc bag and puts some chicken nuggets on the plate, opens the microwave, sticks his head in and looks around. He pull his head out, puts the plate in and slams the door shut. He studies the control panel for a few seconds and decides 10 minutes for 4 chicken nuggets looks about right except ummm yeah they'd explode. (No you may not ask how I know this information. You'll just take my word for it and like it.) I stopped the microwave and helped him push the 30 second button. He stood patiently waiting peering through the window. Once the microwave beeped, he said, "All done" opened the door and took out his plate of chicken nuggets, left the microwave door wide open, put his plate on the kitchen table and ate his self made dinner.

My Boy Wonder wants to start doing things on his own. I am thrilled. Next task we are working on you ask? Bathroom cleaning!! Mommy's not stupid.

Friday, May 11, 2012

For My Kids On Mother's Day 2012

Editor's Note: This is my annual Mother's Day post. 
It's relevant every year since I originally wrote it. 
I've only updated the pictures.

For the one who is proving the doctors wrong.

For the one who makes me laugh till I have tears streaming down my face.

For the one who was a total utter surprise but is a joyous smiley baby little girl.

For making me a better person because
you have shown me what really matters.
For teaching me what love is really all about.
For the smiles, giggles and utter silliness.
For sleepy hugs.
For I love yous.
For a reason to get up in the morning.
For showing me what real determination  is to each of you.
For the everyday gift of being your Mommy.
I love each and everyone one of you
for exactly who you are at this very moment.
Happy Mother’s Day!