Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Other Two Reasons I Run (Run for My Girls)

Mommy, you're going running again??? Can't you stay home?

Mama, watch me watch me. I run fast just like you. Give me a medal.
~Sweet Baby Girl

I don't only run to raise awareness and fund raise for Boy Wonder, although I'd run barefoot across the surface of the sun for that kid if it would help him.  I run for my girls who will grow up as siblings to a brother with serious special needs. I run for the girls because their happiness is just as important as their brother's although at times to them it may not feel like it. 

I can not change the fact that Boy Wonder has autism. What I am trying to prevent is my girls from hearing is "your child has autism." I would like  my girls to never know this heartache. I'd like for them to never know worry and fear, sleepless nights over your child's future who can't take care of themselves. 

So I don't only run for my son, Boy Wonder but for his sisters who love him fiercely and who often deserves more then they get in the way of time and attention but all I do is for them too. Especially the running.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Seven years....

of big silly grins

delicious belly laughs

of those big brown eyes

puckered up kisses

carrying you on my left hip

of ups and downs

of small and big miracles

of pure unadulterated love

Happy 7th Birthday Boy Wonder!!