Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self Service

It appears we have been perhaps holding Boy Wonder back in his independent living skills. He has taken to getting himself his own food.

On Mother's Day, he was tired of waiting for cake. He had the three key ingredients. Inspiration, opportunity and motivation in the form of chocolate cake.

He enjoyed himself immensely till I walked in the kitchen at his aunt's house and snagged him chowing down. I got the big Oh Hi Mommy grin.

Monday morning, I hear an odd sound as I come down the stairs. I go in the kitchen and find that Boy Wonder has poured himself, the counter and the floor some chocolate milk. We cleaned that up together.

Tuesday afternoon, I'm in the kitchen making dinner. Boy Wonder comes strolling in, opens the cabinet and gets himself a plate. I don't stop him as I'm interested in seeing where he's going with this mission. He strolls over to the fridge, gets out some chicken nuggets.  I keep waiting for him to tell me in his whispery voice,"I want chicken please." but he doesn't he just keeps on going. He opens the ziploc bag and puts some chicken nuggets on the plate, opens the microwave, sticks his head in and looks around. He pull his head out, puts the plate in and slams the door shut. He studies the control panel for a few seconds and decides 10 minutes for 4 chicken nuggets looks about right except ummm yeah they'd explode. (No you may not ask how I know this information. You'll just take my word for it and like it.) I stopped the microwave and helped him push the 30 second button. He stood patiently waiting peering through the window. Once the microwave beeped, he said, "All done" opened the door and took out his plate of chicken nuggets, left the microwave door wide open, put his plate on the kitchen table and ate his self made dinner.

My Boy Wonder wants to start doing things on his own. I am thrilled. Next task we are working on you ask? Bathroom cleaning!! Mommy's not stupid.


  1. Hahaha He is so cute. I know ive caught my son helping himself In the kitchen a few times. It did surprise me. I realized not only CAN I limit my OCD micro-managing w him,but I really SHOULD. Its amazing what they r capable of accomplishing when us moms get out of the damn way!!!lol

  2. This thrills me to no end! Go, Boy Wonder, go! The sky's the limit!

  3. Goodness, look at the muscles on that boy! You're doing it right, mama.

  4. This is a seriously awesome thing. K will make her own food a lot now. Heck, I can even get her to make a cheese sandwich for her brother at times! But, 30 seconds for chicken nuggets? Ummm, I might be over nuking them...