Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Tomorrow is a promise to no one
~Clint Eastwood

We’d been up at the top of the towers the weekend before it happened. The next week the NYC skyline, we had all grown up with was changed irrevocably. Lives were changed. Lives were lost. Families, friends and loved ones gone in an instant of carefully planned insanity. Their tomorrows were gone.  Potential unfulfilled, dreams lost and the last chance for an apology or an I love you gone.

Choose to live the life you want. Choose to love freely, openly and passionately. Pursue your dreams. Find the humor in every situation. Don’t be afraid of change because life will bring you change whether you want it or not. Learn, grow, try new things. Get out there and live the life that was taken from so many on this day.  What are you waiting for? 




  1. A perfect message learned from that horrible day.

  2. Well said. We should not let one day go by unnoticed.