Thursday, December 13, 2012

No More Apologies

I had to bring Boy Wonder with me when I took the girls to school this morning. As we were walking out of Diva's class, another mom was walking her little girl inside. She had a Dunkin' Donuts bag in her hand. Boy Wonder loves him some munchkins. It was one of his first words. Mr. Eagle Eye can spot a bag or box of munchkins quicker than I don't know what.  Boy Wonder spied the Dunkin' Donuts bag in her hand and tried to take it out of her hand and then I said," I'm sorry. He has autism." and it sounded to me like I was apologizing for his autism. 

I can't and won't apologize for his autism.  I correct his bad behavior just as I do his sisters' bad behavior but he is who he is. His autism is so deeply embedded in him that there is no separation. There is no line to see who he'd be without his autism. I can not apologize for who Boy Wonder is and then expect people to accept him for who he is. 

Because Boy Wonder is a smart, funny, joyful, happy loving brown eyed snuggly boy who happens to have autism. No apologies necessary. 


  1. Never apologize. If anything, be sorry he is so much more awesome than others ;0)

  2. I remember saying those exact words (in a similar situation) and then feeling the same way. Love you!