Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Say Never

He'll never talk said the doctor.


  1. Heaven! I've watched it a dozen times at least! xo

  2. he just did, said the mom.

    we knew all along said the friends.

    me too, said the mom.

    and they all cheered.

    the end - er um

    the beginning.

  3. And cried,
    And cheered some more,
    And ordered a round of drinks,
    And cried some more,
    And shared their stories,
    And ...

  4. i watched this a bajillion times the other day. it's saved on my computer. i'll be whipping it out to encourage me on days when i need it.
    boy wonder indeed!!!!!!!!

  5. Awesome!! A moving picture to serve as a reminder to never say never.

  6. Yay Boy Wonder!!! I came across your blog from Jess' blog. This is amazing :)

  7. Squeee! He is pure love isn't he!

  8. i don't even remember how i found your blog, but i am so happy i did. this video is beautiful. thanks so much for sharing. my son just turned two and is on the spectrum. he is non-verbal and i believe that, one day, we will have a video like this.