Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lightbulb Moment

Well Boy Wonder had his independent evaluation. It went well.  We were told his school is great and that he works hard all day long. That you don't often seen this type of program in a public school. The BCBA also agreed that Boy Wonder has made the progress he has made because of school and his 15 hours a week of home programming. He will recommend in his report that the district should be paying for his home hours. Hopefully this will all go smoothly.

The BCBA asked if we had any questions. What does the future hold?  Is it not enough all that what we do? As hard as we push him? I'm thinking we are working Boy Wonder every minute of every hour of every day and although his progress is miraculous I thought we'd be somewhere else by now. More typical, less therapies, more freedom, less worry. So yes I secretly hoped that possibly his school wasn't the best fit for him but it turns out it is. It is a bitter pill to swallow that my Boy Wonder is more profoundly autistic then I was willing to acknowledge.

So now we'll keep pushing him on, cheering him on, making sure he has all the therapy he needs to continue his miraculous progress while Mommy gets her head out of the clouds.


  1. Oh, honey - I can't say it enough - you are doing everything right. And your head is most certainly not in the clouds! Love you.

  2. As long as the feet stay on the ground
    I know that longing and wish you the best.