Monday, December 20, 2010

For My Girls When They Are A Little Older

My darling delightful girly girls,

Oh how I love the two of you.  I love everything about each of you from the top of your heads to the tips of your toes. Watching you play together, the silly giggling, the let's splash each other in the tub and the snuggling each other. You two are delicious.

I want you to know that I love all of you equally. Boy Wonder takes up an enormous amount of time because of his Autism but it does not mean I love him more or either of you are less important then Boy Wonder.

All you ever have to say is Mommy I need you and I will make the time. Maybe not right that instant but I will do whatever you need as soon as I can.

We are all working so hard right now to get Boy Wonder where he needs to be so you my Diva and Sweet Baby Girl can have a brother who talks and shares and expresses himself.

You my darling girls have been so important in bringing Boy Wonder out of his world and into our world. If it wasn't for the two of you, I think he'd be even further behind. You two push him, engage him, aggravate him and make him laugh.

So my beautiful girls know that I love you both so much more then I can ever say.



  1. so glad your lovely girls have each other. and yes, Boy Wonder is a gift to them as they are a gift to him. blessings to you and your dear family.

  2. Oh, I can just picture them! All of your sweet children, laughing together. So beautiful.