Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Best $100 We Ever Spent

Boy Wonder loves to swing. It calms him and helps him self regulate. Its also teaching him to take turns.


The DIVA loves that her big brother is playing with her.  The only problem is Sweet Baby Girl thinks she's big enough to get in on the action. We'll just keep letting her try even though she's too little. Why? Because all of my kids playing and laughing together was not something I was sure I'd ever see.  

What's the best item you've bought for your child?


  1. Wow - he did such a great job with pushing! And what a thought-provoking question about the best item I've bought for my child. My first instinct would be to say Nigel's bike, because he's always loved it, his self-esteem has benefited from the independence he's gained, and he's learned traffic safety. But that stuffed Tigger that I got for him so many years ago - he said one of his first words, "eat," at age 4 1/2 when he tried to feed Tigger. And it was the first imaginative thing I'd ever seen him do. I'll never forget that!

  2. I didn't buy them, the grandparents did, but their DSi's are a Godsend. I withhold them for when I really need if I have to bring the kids along to a dentist appt. for me. They keep them 100% absorbed.

  3. Oh, yeah! The indoor swing is by FAR our best purchase. We installed a hook through the beam, some special kinda rotate-y thing, and a regular bucket swing from the toy store. Where we used to have to go out in any kind of weather (and I mean ANY kind - this child NEEDS to swing), we now have full use at all times ... the swing. Phew.