Friday, January 7, 2011

So Anyway

We received our independent evaluation from the BCBA and one line still has the power to steal my breath away and bring tears to my eyes. Do you know what it is? I think you do but I'll tell you anyway.

"Boy Wonder is a very handsome little boy with significant needs and delays."

It's  a stab in the heart every time. Why? Because I no longer focus on what he can't do. Do we work on his deficits well of course. But I concentrate on how far he's come. He can go upstairs foot over foot. He can speak in a whole sentence. He can brush his own teeth. He's on his way to being potty trained. He's beginning to, however, clumsily and inappropriately begin social interactions. He has joint attention. There's many many more things.

But significant needs and delays in black and white will sucker punch me every time.


  1. I know that sucker punch. That word "significant" is just not helpful. It's a relative term anyway, and it doesn't do any good. It always finds its way into Nigel's IEPs and other assessments, even as recently as last year. Sucker punch every time. Love you, my friend.

  2. every





  3. yes.
    no buts...
    only hugs because i know.

  4. every time here too. and I appreciate the positive before the negative (we get "he's a sweet handsome boy with..."), but it still stings

  5. Hugs, dont let their words get you down.
    Just keep going and I'll be praying for ya :)