Friday, March 25, 2011

You Say Tomato I Say Tomatoe

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

 Ryunosuke Satoro

Strict ABA Program 


Gluten Free Caesein Free

Special Carborhydrate Diet

Whatever he/she will eat today Diet 

DAN Doctor

No DAN Doctor

Biomedical Intervention

Lucky if they take a multivitamin intervention

 A known genetic cause

Vaccine injured

Genetic factors with environmental triggers

No clue why my baby has it

Team Curebie

Team Neurodiversity

Praying for a miracle

Praying to get through the day

Just diagnosed

Years since diagnosis

Our children are part of the fastest growing diagnosis in the world. They have autism.  Yet we fight amongst ourselves. We judge each other's choices. We call names. We are steadfast in our beliefs that our way is best.  We preach acceptance yet don't practice acceptance.

But what would happen if we all banded together? If we worked together, despite our differences? We all have one common goal. We want happy healthy children who grow in to valued productive members of society. Who will be happy and  safe long after we are gone. I don't know how we can possibly get our children where we want them to be if we can't band together now.


Don't you think it's time we all worked together?



  1. LOVE this, Mama.

    Just... LOVE. IT.

    I say, spell tomato/e any way you want, but let's talk slicing that sucker up and making good use of it!

    Helping our kids TOGETHER could become really YUM! ;0)

  2. Yup, so true.

    I wrote about this last year:

    I still have such a hard time with the infighting within our community.

  3. amen. a hundred times.

  4. If it were only that easy, to ask for and receive answers oh and for everyone to just get along. Can't say I hope for that to happen, cause hope isn't a strategy, is a wish. Now onto making it happen....

  5. amen sista.
    let's be the example in our community.

    (love the Whatever S/He Will Eat Today Diet!)

  6. Found you from friends Alysia & Stimey. Love your attitude! (Fellow autism mom, here)

  7. You said it, sista! I'm in feverish agreement. Where do I sign up? :)