Monday, May 2, 2011

Swinging To His Own Beat

I took this picture yesterday afternoon as my kids enjoyed their new swingset after weeks of rain and mud. They are all laughing and having a grand time.

When my girls are older, I want them to look at this picture and celebrate their brother's differences. He may not always go in the direction we want him to go in but he gets where he needs to be in his own sweet time. 

And wouldn't the world be a boring boring place if we were all exactly the same?


  1. I love this and I LOVE that you have captured this moment and this feeling to share with your girls AND YOUR SON in the years to come.

    They are so blessed to have you, Mama.

  2. your mouth to God's ears, cause I know God always listens to YOU:)

  3. I love this photo. It captures such a beautiful moment in time.
    They are lucky to have you leading the way towards the path of understanding and acceptance.

  4. Love it. Look at him flying! You are a great mama and they will all go far with you leading the way!

  5. I wish this photo showed his handsome face. Having seen him in action in his swing inside, I know the look on his face must be pure, delightful bliss. A beautiful moment captured. Xo

  6. he looks like he's soaring. i love it.