Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh Jim Perdue

Dear Mr. Perdue,

May I call you Jim? I feel like we're close like that since my son has eaten your Perdue Baked Chicken Breast Tenderloins for lunch and dinner. It's the only protein he gets some days.

You see, Jim, Boy Wonder has Autism. He is a very selective eater. Your chicken tenderloins made it past his extensive screening process. So imagine my dismay, when I have been unable to find them in the 4 local food stores that I stalk look for your product in. I'm a resourceful kind of girl so I went and checked your website and found the product is no longer listed there.

Well Jim, Boy Wonder hasn't eaten any chicken in 3 days. I tried your other products and he will have nothing to do with them.  I am currently contemplating cheating on you. I may have to go to Whole Paycheck and buy the only other brand I know he will eat.

But ya know what Jim? Life's tough enough for us. I'm sure I'm not the only Autism Mama who has a kid who would only eat those chicken tenderloins.  Could you please please bring them back? Please? I've attached a picture below just so you know exactly which product Boy Wonder enjoys.

I hope we can continue our relationship, Jim.


Boy Wonder's Mom


  1. Dude, that sucks. Jack also eats about four foods, so losing one would be devastating. Hope Mr. Perdue listens. :)

  2. I think it's time Jim complies or it's going to get UGLY around here. I know a few cuties that survive on this particular food group and I weep for the consequences if he doesn't take your advice ;0)


    (Stimey rocks.)

  3. If McDonald's ever discontinues the chicken nugget (which makes me nauseated to think of that, and also to think of consuming one), we will pass away into the ether. Here's hoping Jim listens, or that maybe they're just reworking the package and marketing.