Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Fairy Tale For My Friends

 "I'm never going to survive this summer"
A message sent to a select group of friends on Facebook yesterday
Which began a discussion of true yet hilarious scenarios which inspired this post.

There once was a woman who had several children. But yet.... Her house was neat. Her clothes were immaculate. Her makeup and hair sublime. She got to eat meals while they were hot. Her coffee was cold only if she ordered it iced. She got to use the bathroom alone. She also got to shower daily. 

Her husband was a big help and he cleaned and cooked and noticed things left on the stairs and took them up on his way. He even folded laundry and put it away. 

Her children never fought or whined. They didn't do spit art on the windows or draw on her walls. They slept THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH!! They ate their meals quietly and nicely.

And then she heard screaming on the baby monitor and woke up.

The End 

WHAAAAAATTT???? I told you it was a Fairy Tale. And yes Big Daddy does help around here so no smart remarks when you get home honey. mmmmKay?


  1. HA!!! Love this!! xo
    Love YOU.

  2. I love fairy tales. Dreams can come true, they can happen to you, if only you believe...right? RIGHT???

  3. I'm dreaming the big Powerball win right now!! :-)

  4. Other than the stuff on the stairs, which I have to make him trip over before he sees it, Niksdad helps a lot. But that whole first paragraph? Yeah, PURE FANTASY! LOL

  5. Um, you forgot to mention the cabana boy feeding you Bon Bons by the pool. No? Just me?

  6. heheh Jess I'll have a McDreamy on standby for when you visit me and my blowup pool