Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh Jim Perdue, Part Deux

Hi Jim,

How's your summer? Any vacation plans? So I thought I'd give you an update about Boy Wonder and his chicken eating adventures. Especially as the girls in your customer relations department were super and sent me some awesome coupons.

Well, we tried and tried every product you offered and BW turned his nose up at all of them.  We finally had our Speech Pathologist, the wondrous K start a feeding therapy program with him.  He would eat chicken for her but not for us. Until one day when Big Daddy accidentally overcooked this chicken.

And then Boy Wonder proceeded to stuff his face with chicken.

So Jim, it looks like we can continue our relationship. I'm off to Shop-rite to stock up.


COO of Boy Wonder, Inc.


  1. Yay! Jim should come to your house and cook it for you.

  2. Nice. Congratulations on finding the right combination and hilarious that it is overcooked nuggets. Good times.

  3. Side benefits of overcooking! Who knew?

  4. So, the moral of the story is that Big Daddy should cook more for the family? LOL, gotta love those taste sensitivities. Our son (now 12) has Aspergers, and hypersensitive taste buds. At one point he would only drink one brand of milk of a certain milk fat content. Any other milk was verboten. He could tell the difference without seeing the milk poured. I swear he could tell if the company sourced their milk from a different farm, or changed the cows' feed. . . .