Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Yet More Proof That God Loves Messing With Me

So I took THE DIVA  to Princess Tea Birthday Party yesterday. I got to sit and watch her play withe classmates and learn how to drink tea with her pinky out. The mom had her younger sister and her friend helping out doing hair, makeup, nails and how to act like a princess lessons. THE DIVA kept cracking up the sister's friend. She came over to tell me how much she enjoyed THE DIVA. We chatted a bit. She tells me she is a part time nanny and babysits as well. She also tells me she is an aide at Boy Wonder's school. I'm thinking ooo babysitter as our current babysitter is pregnant and we will need a back up. I ask her if she knows Boy Wonder. Her face lights up and she says oh he's so sweet and such a cutie. Then she says oh you probably know my mom!!! I ask who her mom is. Guess who?? THE SPECIAL ED DIRECTOR.

And there you have it reason 8,679 why God loves to mess with me.


  1. That's just wrong.

    Love you, Gurl!

  2. Oh.Mah.Gawd! LMAO!. But, um, yeah, probably not good idea to have an enemy spy in your camp. ;-)