Friday, February 17, 2012

Paying It Forward with 13.1 and 26.2

And as I finished up training for the NYC Marathon last year, I said never again. I ran it for all the right reasons and with tons of support but it was long long months of training and hours spent doing long runs on Sundays but the excitement in the runner's village was contagious.  So I thought to myself well just maybe I'll do it again next year but then I hit mile 18. Mile 18 was my breaking point. I was tired with 6.1 miles to go but I checked my twitter feed and holy freaking cheering section. And of course I had the famous Luau waiting for me at around mile 23.  So I ran on because letting my hero down is never ever an option and I always finish what I start.

So I finished and I was sore for a few days. I started to think well why not run it again? But I put it on the back burner while I started school and had a few other things going on. But then I got inspired by MrsSgm who decided she'd kick a little Congressional butt I mean brief them on military families living with autism and then go on a national TV show and ya know tell the nation what's going on.  And my friend who is starting a non profit tennis academy for kids with autsim. Or always Judith who fights for healthcare reform nationwide for her son, my son and everyone else's sons and daughters living with autism. Or Jess who speaks out with eloquence and class for our community on a daily basis. And all the other mamas who have done so much for all our kids.

I have been blessed by the people who have been on the road ahead of me. They have blazed the trail through a scary forest. They have reached back, grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. They have welcomed me into the village. Now it's my turn, I can reach back and pull someone forward. I can tell them you'll get there. Maybe not in the most direct route, there will be twists and turns and uphill battles and oh watch out for the rabbit hole. But you are never ever alone.

So in honor of these amazing people and their sons and their daughters, I decided to really get my crazy on and because ya know Luau likes as many of us to participate in his crazy as he can convince to join him, I'll be running the Boston Half Marathon (click >HERE< to donate) on September 16 and then the NYC Marathon (click >HERE< to donate) on November 4 for Autism Speaks. If you are in a position to donate please do so and if not you can just cheer me on on Twitter.

You can make a difference in this community but only you can figure out how to do it in a way that matters to you the most. This is my way of giving back. What's yours?


  1. Wow, it would be so great to meet you also (I read about you in the NY (right?) marathon last year. It would make my year to meet all of you. Oh yeah and to run 13.1 miles. And to help the cause of Autism Speaks. And, as Luau knows, to meet Jess (he knows that's the dealbreaker ... that and my family getting on board etc etc)!!!

  2. Yes that was me in with Luau in NY last year. Thanks so much. Hope to see you in Boston.


  3. If these old knees could do it, I'd join in on the NYC marathon as it's my younger son's birthday. I'd totally run it for him, and his brother, of course. Instead, we'll cheer everyone else on.