Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy vs. Hard

Sweet Baby Girl started camp yesterday for two morning a week. She is so ready. She needs it and after almost 7 years of full time mommyhood I need a break. My friend (you know who you are) asked if I had a hard time sending her off to be a "big girl". My answer was no. Every developmental milestone and rite of passage that SBG and DIVA serve up on a silver platter is cause for celebration for me. While I, on a rare occasion, miss the baby days with each milestone they hit I breathe a little easier.  This is easy. Hard was putting Boy Wonder on the "short bus" at 3 years old but sending the girls off to grow, learn and develop is easy.


  1. Yes, I can see exactly why you feel that way. I hope she has a BLAST and I hope you get a tiny bit of respite. She just gleams with two year old exultation and princess-ness!!

  2. So cute! And yes, she needs it and you need it. Perfect way to learn and grow. I hope you peed alone. -alysia

  3. Enjoy the peace, mama. Lord knows you've earned it...and then some!