Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soundtrack of My Summer ( A SAHM Made up Playlist)

Editor's Note: OMFG sick of my own whining and introspection. Someone smack me. In an effort to get over my own bullshit, I shall mock myself and my kids for your entertainment. Enjoy!!!

1. I See Your Butt (Pull Up Your Damn Pants!)

2. No No No No No (I Said NOOOOOO!!!)

3. The Whining Song (Oh God Make It Stop!!!)))

4. My Kids Are Nekkid in the Driveway (Must Be Summer)

5. Is 10 AM Too Early for Tequila? (No Seriously)

6. Don't Drink from the Puddles (You'll Get The Shits)

7. Stop Touching Each Other

8. Oh God It's Only 3 O'clock ( Praying for Bedtime)

9. Where's Big Daddy? (Cause Why Should I Have All The Fun?)

10. Late Afternoon Nap Blues (Shoot Me Now)

11. Begging for Ice Pops (All Damn Day)

12.  You're Turning Me Into Grandma (Cause I Said I'd Never Say That)

13. I Love You Mommy (Can I Have Candy?)

14. Even Stevens (Not Just For Kids for Spouses Too)

15. 3 Kids and A Crazy Lady (Never Go to Target Alone)

16. Dreaming of September (Hurry the Fuck Up)

Bonus Track: There's Nothing Here for YOU to See (Mind Your Own Fucking Business)

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  1. Ha! I remember those days and not fondly! I played "Oh God It's Only 3 O'clock ( Praying for Bedtime)" on a daily basis! Thinking of you my friend, and hoping you can get some "me" time soon!