Saturday, March 9, 2013

How Was Your Day?

How was your day? You ask your kids, your spouse or significant other (if you have one). You ask a friend or a loved one who you know has something either wonderful or difficult going on.

If you have typical kids, you know the details don't come all at once. The highs and lows, the nitty gritty details come out over the course of dinner, bath time and bed time. They let the little things and big things out. We learned a new song, Mommy.  I have a new friend. George has a new baby brother. I cried because someone was mean to me. I got a time out for not listening. I didn't like my lunch. And so on and so forth. The details come out, so you get to know what they did and how they were while not being with you

I have never hid the fact that we swim in the murky deep end of the autism pool. Boy Wonder is not able to tell me how his day was, good or bad, what he did or what he learned. I can only know from what I observe of his mood, his behaviors and what ever it is he chooses to show me he has learned because the language and ability to communicate at that level is simply not there at this time. For the boy, we were told would never be able to talk; not even able to communicate the want of drink or food or to ask to use the bathroom who can now do all of these things, I do believe it is wholly possible that some day he will be able to tell me about his day.

So that's why when the yellow bus doors swing open every afternoon and I see my gorgeous boy's big smiling face I ask him, "How was your day, handsome?


  1. Love this, love you and your boy, and LOVE those smiles in that pic.

  2. God, what a gorgeous photo! Makes my day, seriously! xo