Monday, March 25, 2013

The Typical Not So Typical Day

We don't often get to do things without a schedule or taking into consideration what Boy Wonder likes or will tolerate. The girlies are far too often asked to put what they want aside for their brother. Is it fair? Well no but there's a difference between fair and right. Sometimes they aren't necessarily the same thing. Last week I took the girls for their birthday pictures. Yes one of them was three months late but that's how we roll. So after the pictures, we headed to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. We've been trying to talk Sweet Baby Girl into her first haircut for months. She had up until that day that she "no needed my hair cut you silly Mommy. Haircuts are for boys." Well she said in the car, "I want my hair cut. Just a little. Like Diva gets." So I decided I'd let the housework and all the other things on the agenda for that day slide. They rarely get to pick how the day goes so off we went. First we rode the elevator (a few times cause hey we could) instead of BW's beloved escalator. Then someone was ready to be a big girl with Bunndee peeking out from under the cape for moral support.

Then they decide it was time for the Easter Bunny. He never knew what hit him.

Then we may or may not have have a Crumbs Cake Push Pop for lunch by the fountain.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Diva doesn't live here any longer but Cheddar the Bunny now lives here.

And then they were ready to go home. They had fun. As I tucked them into bed that night, Diva whispered in my ear,"Funnest Day EVER!!!" And it was for them and for me.


  1. Hooray for such a soul-renewing day. :-)

  2. Love this <3
    Everyone deserves days that are just about them.

  3. So cute! They are adorable. Glad you had a day to indulge them. xo

  4. I love that you did all this! Especially the Crumb Cakes Push Pops : ) And their dresses are divine!