Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Girl's Night In Or Beware Dirty Dirty Dander Cat or It's Not All Autism All the Time

So D, the BFF, invites me and two other chickies over on Saturday night. I always forget about Dirty Dirty Dander Cat, hereafter known as DDDC. I show up around 7:30. So we are chatting (discussing kids), laughing (mocking husbands) giggling, (mocking each other) and my eye starts to itch. Me thinking its my contact goes in the bathroom and fools around with it. I then remember DDDC. Idiot me is sitting on the couch that DDDC loves to lounge on. We are all now umm tipsy and laughing at me. M. and C. decide it's time for pretty pretty picture time, which how  I wound up with this picture.

So I decide to go home and scare the crap out of Big Daddy because hey I think it's funny and I know it will be gone by morning. So he's all like "EEEWWWW WTF?? Did you get in a fight?" and I'm like, "yes we had jello wrestling and I got an elbow to the eye! NOT the DDDC got me!"  Except my eye isn't any better so off to the ER. In which, once I'm assured I don't have a scratched cornea, I start laughing and texting D., C., and M. that I'm in the ER and that DDDC is going to get the chicken.  Meanwhile I'm sure the good doctor is thinking of calling for a psych eval and I'm thinking if I go all Britney on him it'll be like a vacation!!!

But he didn't so I went home and sent this to D., C. and M. and especially DDDC just so they'd know I meant business.

My eye is fine. Eyedrops and glasses for a few days and good as new. So umm if you don't want me to come over D. can rent you, DDDC for a nominal fee. 



  2. haha I'll bring the chicken!!! CAN NOT WAIT. Cluck

  3. =)
    you don't have to tell me twice to beware of an animal called dirty dirty dander cat!

    so glad you can laugh and have fun and 'it's not all autism all the time'... even if you do end up in the ER.

    love you, mama!

  4. Gives new meaning to the phrase "it's always fun until someone loses an eye"! Glad you had a laughable night in! xo

  5. Tanya,

    hahah now I keep thinking damn it Red Rider BB Gun, Kitty Style. lmao

    Love ya!