Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hope arouses,
as nothing else arouses,
a passion for the possible.
~William Sloan Coffin
My hopes for the following school year in no particular order. 

 For Boy Wonder to express what he's feeling.

A smooth transition.

A year of teamwork.

An IEP followed to the letter and in spirit.

Progress in small ways and big ways.

Open honest communication. 
Less bullshit cause I'm tired of bullshit.

Educators who want my Boy Wonder to succeed in life.
A bus that shows up on time.

A friend for Boy Wonder. (I'd say friends but I don't want to be greedy.)

Here comes kindergarten. Not the kindergarten I imagined but still it's kindergarten.


  1. I love your hope. It's honest. It's yours. It's perfect.

    Like you.


  2. Hope is what gets us from one year to the next - and I have a feeling this is going to be a great one. Joining you in the September Hopes! xo

  3. hope gets us through every moment. And I love you for this and everything else.