Friday, October 14, 2011

My Guuuurrrrlllllll

It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.
~Marlene Dietrich
This time last year I hadn't even met her. No clue she existed. We'd both been invited to an autism mama gathering. The host let us know we'd both be on the same train and introduced us. We exchanged a  few lots of hilarious texts. I got on the train in Newark Penn. She was waiting in New York Penn. She keeps telling me I'm going to miss the train. I say I'm on the train. She gets on the train and we act like silly teenagers. Comparing notes and stories. Laughing like lunatics.

My phone rings. It's Big Daddy. He says,"Sweet Baby Girl ate rock salt." I say,"Um yeah?" She says,"Why is he calling you? Tell him to call Poison Control." He hangs up and calls back a few minutes later. Poison Control said no big deal.

Big Daddy then made a fatal mistake which sealed her and I together forever.  Big Daddy says, "I tasted it. It was really salty." Me,"You tasted what?" Him,"the rock salt." Me," You tasted the rock salt!!!! WTF!! Why?" C says,"Your husband ate rock salt!!! WTF!!!" Cue hysterical laughter. 

C., you are a smart, amazing, funny, beautiful, talented, loving and compassionate person. I'll be the Ethel to your Lucy anytime. Aunt Jersey to your kids and a thorn in your husband's side.  I've got tarp, a shovel and a chicken. I've got your back like you've had mine. 



  1. AWWWW! Love it (and love that picture...wonder who took it? haha!)

  2. OMG. CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO SEE YOU!!!!!!

  3. I adore you both. Moo. Cluck.

  4. This makes my heart explode. In a really, really great way. And, kinda makes me wish I lived closer to the two of you...we could be our own version of the Three Stooges. xoxo

  5. Watching the two of you get so close over the past few months has been a complete joy for me to watch. Finding that particular friend? That is everything. I'm so happy that you found each other. You two make me smile.

  6. I love this too! you make a fabulous team, and I can't wait to see you :)

  7. Dayum good stuff. Rock on sistas!