Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why Mommy?

The DIVA asks............

Mommy, why does he yell AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH?

Mommy, why won't he use his words?

Mommy, why does he bite his hand?

Mommy, why does he cry so hard?

Mommy, why does he rip up your books?

Mommy, why does he run in circles?

Mommy, why won't he play with me?

Mommy, why is he scared of the worm on the Wonder Pets?

Mommy, why won't he keep his clothes on?

Boy Wonder has Autism, DIVA. He can't help it. He's trying really hard.

Mommy, why does he have that?

I don't know, DIVA. He just does. 

Mommy, why don't you make him better?

I'm trying, DIVA. 


  1. the impotence is what kills me. there is nothing worse than that moment of admitting to our children that this - at least for now - is bigger than we are. holding you close, lovie. holding you close.

  2. Oh the overwhelming ache that comes with telling our children that this is something we don't understand fully, something we can't explain. sending you hugs, and walking this with you as I try to answer the same questions to my own princess as she asks "why mommy?" about her older brother

  3. Oh, honey. Went through this with Aidan. Why indeed. xo