Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Reason Why I Don't Do Shit or God Laughs At Me

So you know how when you meet someone for the first time, whether it's a blind date, job interview or whatever someone walks past you and you think," Please God let that not be the person I'm  here to see." Yes well I went to my first therapy (Dear God why the fuck am I admitting this shit? I don't talk about my feelings, sex or body parts. Jesus!!) and as I walked down the hall this elderly and yes she's an elderly lady, who was clearly related to Dr. Ruth, walked past me and I thought, "well I already know God's not in  my fan club. Watch that be my therapist."

Guess who was my therapist????

And I just laughed when I got outside and asked the Sister Mamas,"Did you bitches have me punked? The therapist was like Dr. Ruth's sister!! OMG!!"

OH and just so you know inappropriate laughter does not help your psych eval but it did let me know that I am on my way back to my irreverent, find myself funny self which is who I have really missed. 

Ed's Note: For all those who tweeted, texted, emailed and phoned me to offer their love and support while I lost my shit. Thank you. If you need help ask for it. It gets better.


  1. I missed you too. And your inappropriate eyeballs (wha?)
    Welcome back. Glad you went.

  2. You better visit me and my eyeballs in the asylum!! LOL

  3. It *does* get better. We all LOVE you!!!

  4. Perfect. Absolutely friggin perfect!

  5. welcome back mama. xo