Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Wait This Blog Is Suppose To Be About Boy Wonder or Pay Attention Mommy

Boy I've been a whiny mess lately. Jesus. Time to pull up the boot straps. Ok here is what Boy Wonder has been up to lately. Ready?

Ok big one first, he is starting to take himself to the bathroom at home to umm pee unprompted. Yes!!!! He toilet trained himself for um "Code Brown", as Judith and Jeneil call it, years ago. 

No matter what he asks for he always says please at the end unlike THE DIVA  and Sweet Baby Girl who just say NOW!!!

He is mastering out of programs at school weekly and he is showing an interest in reading. This is huge but ya'll get that right??

The hand biting has almost completely disappeared and his hand has healed.

He is learning to ride a bike and he loves it.

He is trying new foods unprompted. He ate Big Daddy's egg salad. I'm not personally a fan but hey he tried something new that wasn't candy or chips.

He has his first loose tooth and he is tolerating it well.

He is initiating playing ring around the rosie and tag with the girlies more and more.

There's plenty more but these the big and small things that have brought me a lot of joy and hope over the last few weeks.


  1. All the "little" (NOT) things which add up to huge joyful successes. Love that boy! xoxo

  2. YAY!!
    And may I add...when YOU feel good, it's much easier to see the good.
    That will be $50 for my armchair therapy session :)

  3. A, Come and collect your $50 in person and smell my eyeballs. lmao

    B, yes definitely not "little"

  4. Those aren't small at all. He's been busy!