Friday, January 27, 2012

Unexcepted Blessing or My cousin is the next Dionne Warwick Physic Friend

 Editors note: This originally appeared elsewhere for THE DIVA's 1st Birthday. As I watch her rapidly approach her 4th (how did that happen) Birthday, I remembered this post. It's one of my favorites.  Because as much as she is being all sass and brass tacks lately, she is really and truly a blessing.

Late in July 2007, my cousin U. came to visit me. I was in probably the best shape of my life. Boy Wonder had yet to be diagnosed but I knew something either wasn't right or I was a really shitty mother as he didn't seem to like me. While U. and her daughter K. were here, I came close to fainting a few times. U. said to me,"Maybe you're pregnant!" I said, "Maybe I'll slap you."

I tell Big Daddy what U. said and we laugh until I start counting. So I take a pregnancy test and get this.....

Unexpectedly pregnant!!! Oh shit! I was thrown for a loop but quickly accepted it which led to this.......

On the first day of Spring March 20, 2008, my water broke in Target at 9:30 am which then led to this at 11:21 pm later that evening....

Which brings us to one year later, Happy 1st Birthday, Diva! Mommy and Daddy love you more then we can ever say!


  1. So cute! And where does the time go....

  2. How classic that your water broke at Target! She's totally adorable (even when she's all brass and tacks.)