Monday, April 30, 2012

Always Aware

Today is the last day of April. The blue lights will come out. Media coverage will slow down. But for those of who love someone with autism we are aware everyday. We never forget, not for a moment. We live a life we never imagined. We celebrate the small miracles of developmental milestones hit years late and cry in disappointment that some dreams are gone forever. We fight the school districts, insurance companies and government to get our loved ones what they need to have a fulfilling life. We fight to show the world that should not be pushed aside and hidden.  They teach compassion by their very existence. They show us the wonder of being able to have a different perspective on the ordinary. They have brought amazing people into our lives that we would have never otherwise met.

Our children are extraordinary and while they need compassion and understanding as do we, their parents, we don't need pity. While our children may not be leading the life we imagined for them, their lives have purpose, meaning and value. We can all learn so much from them if only you're willing to open your mind to their potential and possibilities. So as April gives way to May remain aware and compassionate because autism exists all year long, not just in April.