Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Be You

Two little girls.  Blonde haired, blue eyed, silly, giggly, fun, smart, hilarious, gorgeous girls. They like a lot of the same things. Mommy's Little Ponies aka My Little Ponies, baby dolls, their doll house, to swing high and fast, be Mommy's backseat drivers (too fast, faster, slow down, stop sign, go the other way). But they are different too. One calls me Mommy, the other calls me Mama. One loves all things girly. There are not enough hairbows aka headbands, jewelry, dresses or fancy shoes in the world. She loves to dance. Watch me twirl Mommy,  now I'll take a bow!! If it's got a Disney Princess on it or in it, it's for her. The other one is all about her sneakers so she can run fast, whether it's a dress or jeans the sneakers go on the little feet. Mama, catch the ball and now throw it to me.  Yay Me!!!! I catched it Mama. Did you see me, Mama? She'd rather watch Mike the Knight instead of Disney Princess movies.

I took my two delicious little girls to have their birthday photos taken the other day. One was all about the fancy shoes. The other one cried until I caved and let her but on her sparkly fast sneakers. I didn't make her take the sneakers off for the pictures. I wasn't trying to have my friend, Cher, capture some moment of false perfection. I wanted her to capture my girl's distinct personalities. There will be enough people in this world who try to change my girls and it won't be me. I want them to be unique in whatever way they choose. If that's sneakers or fancy shoes, well, you be you, baby girls, cause Mommy/Mama loves you for you.